My Laptop’s Not Working

My Laptop’s Not Working

My laptop's not working

My Laptop’s Not Working – Had your Laptop for a long time? And it has started to become slow and sluggish or is not even turning on. A laptop can develop a number of faults such as a motherboard fault, a hard drive issue, the battery degrading over time, charging port issues, cooling issues, a flickering screen and power supply issues.

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We have a team of highly qualified engineers who can usually be arranged to contact you within a couple of hours of your phone call. They will provide the highest possible standard of customer service and are strongly committed to offering great service at fair prices. Our engineers will come out to you at your home and either solve the problem on the spot or will bring your device back to the shop and repair the problem for you. We try our best to come out to you as fast as we can and try our best to give you your product back in minimal time.


You could also be having software issues with your Laptop. These could be issues such as a virus residing on your laptop or maybe your laptop is in a boot loop or it won’t get past a certain stage on the start-up process. Or you could be having hardware issues such as motherboard faults, hard drives issues as mentioned before. If you are experiencing these problems then it is best to turn off your laptop, give us a ring and wait for us to come and collect the laptop to get it repaired. We have had many cases where our customers have continued to use their laptops and the problems just increased. So we advise all our customers to turn it off and not to fiddle with it. Once it’s repaired and it’s good to go it’s all yours.

If you do need a laptop repair then we have a local engineer just for you. Give us a call on 0330 332 0711 or visit us at Alex PC Repair

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