Clean up My PC

Clean up My PC

Clean up my pc

Clean up my PC – Is your Laptop or computer really old? Is it slow and sluggish? Have a lot of junk files you don’t need? Or is your PC just physically dusty? If yes to any of these, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Service

We offer our customers a complete health check for their computers or laptops. In this health check, we do a complete scan of the computer and we go through all the unnecessary files such as the spam ware and malware files. We go through the start-up programs to make sure they don’t slow your computer down. We give your hard drive a test to see if that is still in working condition as that could be slowing down the computer or laptop. We also check how much space you have left on your hard drive as once it is 95% full, the hard drive can slow down by up to 50%. We configure your browser as when it has too many add-ons that can slow down your computer. We advise you to run less programs at once as this could also slow your computer down especially if you have a small amount of RAM.

Our Team

Here at Alex PC Repair, we have the specialist technicians which are required to fix your laptops and we have a number of drivers who will come out to you at your home to avoid you making the effort of travelling to our shop. This way you can carry on with your day as normal where you only have to take out 10 to 15 minutes for us to take a look at and take your PC.

If you do need a laptop repair then we have a local engineer just for you. Give us a call on 0330 332 0711 or visit us at Alex PC Repair

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