iMac Repair

We repair iMacs

Our qualified iMac engineer will visit your home or business and diagnose your iMac computer for you. No matter how old or new it may be our technicians are qualified to service all types of Apple computers and still to this day they attend regular courses that are dedicated to iMacs and there functions. 

Common Problems Regarding iMacs:
- Liquid spill damage
- Keys or track pad not working
- Not turning on
- Running slow
- Bad logic board
- Cracked screen
- Pop ups
- Freezing

iMac Repair Liquid Damage

If you have had an incident where a substance of liquid has been dropped on your iMac computer our iMac repair team have the solution. When liquid enters the Mac the chips on the board corrode, the chances are you iMac will stop working immediately. If you have in fact spilled water, tea or any other form of liquid onto your iMac there is no need to stress. Our iMac repair engineers at Alex PC Repair can fix the related issue.

The above is the more common issues that are associated with iMac’s and what we encouter most at Alex PC Repairs and we should be able to fix your Mac book no matter what the issue is.
Alex PC Repair  have connections with a large line of manufactures. We assure you all parts used are genuine.

If you would like a iMac repair by one of Alex PC Repair ’s engineers give us a call


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