Lost Your Photos

Lost Your Photos

Lost Your Photos

Lost Your Photos – We have all been there. Where we have deleted all those precious memories. In just a click of a button. Whether it is your laptop or computer, we can get it back. We have experienced technicians who have been dealing with data loss for over 15 years. And they get it back almost every time.

A customer of ours (Emily) writes: “I lost all my photos from high school and my wedding pics.”
This customer was very distraught and had contacted us for help. We managed to retrieve every single photo she had lost. All of her memories from college and her wedding were retrieved and we even made a back-up just in case it happened again.

If this has ever happened to you, you can trust us to retrieve most or all of your data. In most scenarios, our qualified technicians manage to retrieve the data almost every time. To get your data back, we use our special recovery software. Very few computer shops have this software and fortunately we are one of them. It is very advanced software and works to find every single file ever stored on your hard drive. It searches through each hard drive (if you have more than 1) thoroughly, checks every possible place to search on the hard drive, even if there are hidden folders etc.

Emily was very happy with our services and we are sure that you would be too. If you have lost photos on a computer or laptop, don’t hesitate to call us today on 0330 332 0711 Or visit us at Alex PC Repair

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