Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage – Spilt water or coffee over your laptop or computer? Not the best day for you then. When we get a liquid damage job in, we always try our best to try to get it restored to its former glory. We try to do this with a minimum spend so our customer doesn’t have to pay a hefty price to fix their computer. Our technicians are very skilled and 90% of the time, they are able to fix this problem in a decent price.

If your computer has been water damage or has had any liquid spilt over it, immediately turn off the laptop and take the battery out. Then dry it with a towel and dry it with a hair dryer or something like that. Once you have done this, do not turn it on whatsoever. You can’t risk turning the pc on as it could ruin any chance of fixing your pc. As soon as you have done everything as instructed, give us a call on 0121 673 2579 and we will get you booked in and get someone out to you to come and collect your pc. Once returned to the shop we will thoroughly clean your PC after disassembling it piece by piece. The goal is to absorb any water or liquid that may be left in the board or parts of the pc. After this, we will put it back together and if it works hurrah! But if not, we will figure out which component is faulty and order a new one (with your permission) and get your pc up and running in the best possible condition.

If you have had liquid damage done to your laptop or computer give us a call on 0121 673 2579

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