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Nationwide Macbook Pro Repairmacbook pro repair

Do you require a Macbook pro repair? If this is the case then Alex PC Repair’s nationwide Macbook pro repair service is available to you today.

If you own a Macbook pro then it is obvious to say that it is one of your most treasured items. Macbook pros have countless amount of features and they are expensive to purchase. If your Macbook pro isn’t acting like its usual self then you can book Alex PC Repair’s nationwide Macbook pro repair service.

Affordable Macbook Pro Repair

Apple products have became very popular in recent years as we all know, these devices like the Macbook pro can be very complex. If your Macbook has turned faulty then there is no need to rush out to purchase a new one. You can call our team at Alex PC Repair on 0330 332 0711.

Our team of experienced engineers know Macbook’s like the back of their hands. We can tell immediately if the problem you are facing is a small one or a more complex one. Once we know if the problem you are facing is repairable or not we will give you a free quote. If you are happy with the quote then we will begin repairs at once. If you are not happy with the quote then you can simply refuse and there is no obligation what so ever.

When you originally purchased your Macbook pro you would of forked out a large sum of money. You don’t want to do this again so getting a repair is ideal.

Common Macbook pro repair services include the following:

  • Macbook  Hard Drive Replacement

  • 15″ Retina LED Screen Replacement

  • Solid State Drive(SSD) Upgrades

  • Macbook UK Keyboard Fitting

  • Liquid Spill Damage

  • Logic Board Component level Repairs (see opposite)

  • White screen with flashing folder icon

  • Dark / Black Macbook Screen

  • Faulty Internal Battery Replacement

  • OSX Upgrade, Data Recovery and OSX Recovery

  • RAM Memory Module Upgrades and Fitting Service


affordable macbook pro repair


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