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Local Computer Repair Servicelocal computer repair

Alex PC Repair are you friendly local computer repair experts. If you are experiencing any problems with your computer then you have found the best local computer repair service in town.

Our aim is to provide personal quality business IT services and solutions with customer satisfaction in mind. We have a combined total of 20 years in the computer repair industry and we have dealt with countless different issues and performed our computer repair remedies on thousands of clients PC’s. Our local computer repair is a quick phone call away.

When you make the call to our team we will try our hardest to get out to you on the same day in order to complete your repair. This isn’t always possible however. Our service is quick and highly professional, we take the hassle out of computer repairs unlike other companies across the UK.

Local Computer Repair Service Near Me

Our local computer repair service includes the following:

  • Virus Removal – Alex PC Repair specialise in a extensive virus removal service. Virus Removal is a process where malicious content (formally known as malware) is removed from a computer while every attempt is made to save data which may be potentially infected by the virus. There are thousands of viruses released everyday which are designed to corrupt your computer, hackers create the viruses to do the following:
    • To take control of a computer and use it for specific tasks
    • To generate money
    • To steal sensitive information (credit card numbers, passwords, personal details, data etc).
    • To prove a point, to prove it can be done, to prove ones skill or for revenge purposes
    • To cripple a computer or network
  • Data Recovery –

    Your hard drive has failed and all the pictures, home videos, music and important documents are all on that drive. All is not lost however.

    We have a team of experts who can assist in getting that data back for you. There are two types of hard drive problems resulting into Data Recovery.

    1) The actual hard drive is fine but for some reason a problem has occurred and the hard drive is not able to access the data. In this case we specialise in data recovery to obtain your documents pictures music and all other files you may have lost.

    2) The second type of hard drive failure is where physical damage has occurred inside the drive. The hard drive may have been dropped or just failed over time. The disks located inside the drive may have come out of place or damaged. The spindle may also have come out of place.

  • Power Supply Replacement –

    Replacing a PSU tends to be a difficult procedure. You should not entrust computer repair rookies in this operation! In all cases of power supply replacements there are lots of cables to disconnect, reconnect and tinkering to take place, it is advisable to get it repaired by experts like us at Alex PC Repair s who have over 25 years of experience dealing with computer repairs.

local computer repair service near me


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