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Are you experiencing problems with your Apple iMac? At Alex PC Repairs we have qualified Mac technicians in our team in order to give customers the best service for their iMac repairs no matter what it may be. iMac's use the latest computer technologies in order to be one of the nations popular computer device.

Apple iMac repairs take a high level of expertise to complete the repair effectively, this is why many other computer repair companies don't repair iMac's, Alex PC Repair however are different and have the manpower and resources to get you Mac working back to its original state. 

If you have your iMac repaired by Apple you could find yourself paying huge prices, we offer our customers much cheaper rates for the same professional service so that you don't have to pay a fortune, through Alex PC Repair you could find yourself saving a MASSIVE 80% compared to Apple, so, why not?

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Common iMac Repairs We Have Dealt With

When it comes to repairing iMacs we have dealt with many reoccurring problems, some of the more common iMac faults that we have fixed include:

  • Liquid spill damage (drinks, water etc)imac repair service
  • Keys or trackpad not working
  • Not turning on/off
  • Running slow
  • Bad logic board
  • Cracked/Damaged screen
  • Pop ups/Virus/Malware
  • Freezing/Crashing

As mentioned these are only some of the more common repairs we have dealt with. Through being in the computer repair industry for a long time now Alex PC Repair have gained vital knowledge in repairing iMacs, we also operate on a no fix = no fee scheme so if we cannot fix yours you don't have to pay a penny! If you require iMac repairs at the comfort of your own home call Alex PC Repair on 0330 332 0711 today.


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